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Trusted Member

A trusted member can book courts in our club without sending a deposit upfront. To get the Trusted Member status you need to have to be in our Whatsapp Level Groups and play in our Club on a regular basis. It mostly takes a longer time until we can approve that you can book courts without paying a deposit upfront. You should be a regular player at least for around 1 month (minimum 4 Matches) without causing any kind of trouble in payment or matches/training.

Changing back from Trusted Member back to Non Trusted Member

Many times customers we thought we can trust are starting to complain about court conditions especially when it is raining, don´t show up in their booking, cannot be charged after they missed their booking or do not take response due their actions, cancel too often courts in the last moment, book a lot of courts in advance and then cancel them again as only mentioning some of the reasons what can happen to change the status of the Group / Player back to a Non Trusted Member. In this case, especially when someone is not showing up in their booking and we cannot charge his credit card after, he will directly get changed into a Non Trusted Member again and stays in that status until he paid his open debt he created. It depends again on the trusting Level if we change him back into a Trusted Member or not.

Note: it is not our job to run behind bookings who don´t show up or don´t want to pay their reservations. There are many more Groups and Players who would have taken your spot in advance and it is your responsability to pay the court even if you cannot make it and no replacement booking can be found. We always try to help finding a replacement booking but if for any reasons it cannot be replaced we wish that you pay for the court you made a reservation for and don´t cause any stress about the court fee what has to be paid. Thank you in advance.

Max. 1,5 hours Booking Permission:

Many times we also see customers, who always book 2 hours in advance, then cancel very late and the replacing group only takes 1,5 hours so a 30 minutes gap is getting created. This forces us to move other bookings around what is causing always trouble to us and the other clients who get moved due a short cancel notification. If we see customers creating problems too often by booking 2 hours we are forced to reduce them into 1,5 hours bookings maximum, so if they cancel in a short notice only a 1,5 hours window appears what causes no moving of other bookings. 
Note: If we cannot move bookings due a 2 hours cancellation and a 30 minutes gap stays open, we are forced to charge the cancelled Customer/Group for the open 30 minutes they created due their cancellation, even when another group took over 1,5 hours of them. This of course only appears, if you cancel later then 96 hours.

For more informations about the Cancellations please visit Cancellation policy.