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Group Classes

Group Classes will mostly get organized over our Whatsapp Groups between Spring and Summer time, also when there is a posibility to organize them due available Courts in the winter season 2023/2024.
Group Classes will always have an amount of 4 Players and will be scheduled for mostly 1,5 hours if possible. If the club is full of normal matches because of many customers or reduced courts available due the winter season we cannot organize Group Classes to not take away Courts for the normal organizing Players. 

To join the Group Classes you have to be part of our Whatsapp Groups. If you are not part of our Whatsapp Groups you have to do a Level Assesment first.
Please check to see how to join a Level Assesment.

Private Classes

For Private Classes please contact us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 and specify the Day & Time you wish to get a Private Class. We will check if the Court and one of our Licenced Padel Trainers is available. During winter time it will be difficult to get a private class due reduced court availabilities.
Private Classes can have up to maximum 4 Players to get trained in the same time.
Note: we dont organize Players for Private Classes, we only offer Courts, Trainers and Equipment for the Classes. If you wish to have more Players in your Private Class you have to organize them by yourself.

The Prices for our Group Classes & Private Classes can be found here:

For more informations or questions you have feel free to contact us via Whatsapp +4930-20256790