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Join a Level Assesment

Our Level Assesment is unique in the whole Padel Community and guarantees more balanced Padel Matches with other Players of your own Level. With the Assesment we minimize the Situation, that you may have a big Level gap between the Players in your Match – causing problems like unbalanced Matches, overheated emotional reactions or Players feeling uncomfortable because of having higher or lower Level.

To join a Level Assesment, please contact us over Whatsapp +4930-20256790 with a message. We will add you then to the Level Assesment Group, where you wait, until we announce there the next Assesment possibility. We always try to make an Assesment once or twice a week depending how regular bookings go and if there is Space for a Try Out.

Please also read the Group Description when entering the Assesment Group to get answered most of the questions you may have.


The Assesment costs 15 Euros fo each Player joining it and will be around 30 Minutes of Test & Talk. We will check you in your Padel skills, then send you the Link after the Test to your Whatsapp Group of your Level, so you can find players to play together with in our Club. We mostly schedule an Assesment in our Club if at least 3 Players join the Assesment. Maximum 8 Players can do an Assesment in the same time.
Since we have many players asking to join the Whatsapp Groups we try to check as much players as possible in a scheduled Assesment.

Alternative: You can also get checked during a normal match you organized The costs are 10 Euros for each Player who wants to get watched and is interested to join the Whatsapp Group of his personal Padel Level.

All important Informations can be found here:

Note: The Assesment costs are not a Fee to enter the groups, these costs appear to pay the court & the equipment what will be used on the day of the Assesment, also the time & work of the staff at the club and the staff in the online service, to check out your Level and add you into the correct groups, also helping you out for the first steps how to act and react in your group to join matches or find other players for a game.
These costs cannot be refunded in case you leave the group by your own or we have to remove you from the group due several reasons (inactivity, bad behaviour, other reasons connected to the club and social chemistry with other players).