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The rapidly growing sport of padel is located in the heart of Germany’s capital. Established with a passion for promoting both the sport and a sense of community, Padel Berlin is more than just a facility; it’s a hub for enthusiasts, professionals, and newcomers alike.
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Padel Essentials

Padel rules

Serve and Side Selection

After a toss, the winning team chooses to serve or pick a side. The serve is executed behind the service line, underhand, with the racket not above waist height.

Serving Rules

The serve must bounce in the opponent’s diagonal service court without touching the ground or net edge in the server’s court. The ball can touch walls but not the fence after bouncing.

Service Corners and Bounces

Difficult serves include those landing in the far corner and bouncing flatly against the side wall. Specific rules apply if the ball hits a protruding side wall corner.

Court Changes in Serving

Teams alternate serving sides after each serve, switching between the right and left sides of their court.

Net Serves

Serves touching the net and landing correctly are replayed.

Field Changes
Teams switch fields when the game total reaches an odd number. A maximum 90-second rest is allowed during changes.
Loss of Points on Serve
Two consecutive failed serves or incorrect execution results in point loss. Other faults include volleying the serve, incorrect bounce placement, and serve taking more than 25 seconds.
Rally Faults
Points are lost for various faults during rallies, like hitting the ball into walls or fences before reaching the opponent’s court, hitting a teammate, or double touches by players.
Order of Return
The team returning the serve alternates players for each serve, with a designated player for first serves in each game. This order cannot change during a set.
Serve Repetition
Repeats occur if the ball touches the net but doesn’t touch the fence before the second landing, or if it hits an opposing player or their belongings.
Scoring System
Padel uses a tennis-like scoring system: 15, 30, 40, game. A two-point advantage is required for winning from a 40-tie situation.
Set and Tie-Break Rules
A set is won by the first team to reach six games with a two-game lead. Tie-breaks at six-all involve playing until a two-point lead is achieved, with field swaps after every six points in the tie-break.