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3 Different Vouchers can be bought over PayPal, Bank Transfer or directly at the club.

All here shown prices (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) are based on an 1,5 hours booking with full Equipment

Option 1:

  • Amount of the Voucher equals the court costs & full equipment (Winter Season 2023/2024 – 78,00 Outdoor, 90,00 Indoor)
  • Can be used Monday – Friday between 15-17 and from 22, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday 8-10 morning and from 20 evening

Option 2:

  • Amount of the Voucher + 10 Euros for court costs & full equipment (Winter Season 2023/2024 – 88,00 Euros Outdoor, 100,00 Indoor)
  • Additonal to Option 1 it can also used on Mondays & on Fridays in the time between 17-22

Option 3:

  • Amount of the Voucher + 20 Euros for Court costs & full equipment (Winter Season 2023/2024 – 98 Euros Outdoor, 110,00 Indoor)
  • Additonal to Option 1 and Option 2 it can be used on all other opening hours

Prices will change during summer season 2024, we would then adjust the amounts and specification

Winter Season Vouchers can be used for 1 year

Summer Season Vouchers can only be used in the Summer Season (from 01.04.-31-10. each year). In case the customer wants to use it in the Winter Season time he would have to pay the missing amount of the court costs to the winter prices, (Indoor court costs change in winter season) otherwise he can use the voucher in the following summer season, until the following summer season year ends