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Welcome everyone in the Business of Padel. First of All congratulations to this step, you are about to invest or already invested a lot of money, time and passion into a great sport what can be a successful business, if its well structured and organized.

You maybe think: Why do I need a Coach for this business? It seems easy, build the Courts, do a good infrastructure and the rest will be solved over time by itself. Of course you will get a hang of it over time and normally in the end if you are long enough in that business it will be profitable too. If you think you don´t need any help I wish you the Best and I hope your club will have a lot of clients and will also run great so you enjoy what you have builded.

But what if I can optimize your club faster into a winning system, so you get the best out of it in a shorter amount of time? Using kind of a short cut knowing the secrets of a full optimized Padel Club Facility?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander Hillbricht, I started my Padel Club in 2012 in the Center in Berlin, when only 2 Padel Courts existed in whole Germany. I went through all stages of the club, starting in a time when no one in Germany really knew what Padel is and how it works except the People from Spain and South America.

Over the time I gained the experience, what is profitable for a club and what is not, what you can do to gain more players and what not, how you can fill your courts with players and make other people be interested into your new facility, especially into those players who are not into that sport - mostly because they don´t know Padel as a sport yet.

I am working now over 10 years in this business, I saw everything and I have the answer to almost every problem or question what you may have in this business. The Padel Berlin club is working on its limits and the players are happy to play the game, each week more and more players want to join the Padel community.


Personal Coach - For your first or next

Steps as a Padel Club Owner


It is very simple: You want to get some of the secret informations how to run your Club on the optimal limits? You want to increase your amount of players? You want to make profit out of your club as fast as possible? Well I cannot guarantee you that all my experience, my ideas, my suggestions and my solutions will work. But I can let you give you all my impressions and ideas what I think will be the best in your place/facility and what you can do for your club so it is running better and you get faster into the point, that you are happy with how the business is going.

If you are interested please introduce yourself over Email on Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and tell me something about your project. We can also coordinate a call together if it is easier for you to talk instead of writing it all down. Your Club can be in any place of the world. The way of making your club successful will work in all places of the world in my eyes, if you know what to do.

I can offer you the following Coachings:

- Coaching online by answering all your questions that come up, giving you tips what you should do and what you should think of in short term and long term steps
- Coaching at your place directly (yes I will come to you and stay there for an amount of time) and go with you step by step to make your club to the best what it can be

My offers will be based on the work what you are looking for and how long you want me to coach you for your facility. Since even in this friednly business I saw a lot of people who just try to "steal" the informations and are not willing to pay for the benefit of Coaching Experience: I let you know, that I will not give my Knowledge for free to you. Especially in the Beginning when we don´t have an agreement I will be very basic, maybe even with kind of a distance and mostly I will only hear what is your actual situation and where you want to go in the future, then making you an offer what you can either accept or decline.

Remember: I am not forcing anyone to take my insider tips, after a long time I just think now it is time to pass my experience to the new owners if they are interested to get their facility faster to the goal they want. Your payment in my service should be much cheaper then going the whole way alone with all stones what are in your way. I also don´t want to get blamed after the Coaching if it didn´t work out as you were expecting. As in every investment you can win or you can loose. But you should trust someone who brought Padel into Germany and created a community out of nowhere, that he is the right person for your future Business in Padel. Let us work together, so we both enjoy the time and see together, how your club starts to grow into the right direction. Like a new born child if you know what to do the possiblity that it will be a success is higher then doing it all the first time in your life.


Summary of Service


You want:

- higher amount of players
- better numbers of financial income
- optimal employee working shift system
- high rate of new players who want to start playing in your place
- cooperation partners who help you with Equipment
- a good mix in your club of training, games and tournaments
- social media infrastructure with good output and reach
- Messenger system structure and service to coordinate matches, trainings and tournaments

I can help you in all these points after I get to know your facility better. I have to make an analysis first what you already have and what you need for the future. I will always make you a one amount price so you don´t have to worry about any secret or later costs (if so I will inform you directly). I will always talk open to you and I will always tell you the truth. I will also let you know if I think my work is done now and you should go alone the future way or if I think it is better not to work together from the beginning. 

I don´t want any secrets between us, as open as I am to you I want you to be as open to me. I don´t want to take over your club neither do I want to open a club close to your facilities. If you want my help you have to trust me, you need an open mind and you are willing to change things even if you don´t like the changes maybe. I am long enough in this business and I am not interested to open another club in my life, I see myself in the future more as someone who helps for example you to make your business profitable.

I am looking forward to hear from you - until then keep your head up and stay positive, Padel is a great sport and one day it will be for sure as famous as Tennis or Soccer. Let us work on this idea together.


Make your request for an offer now -

You will not regret it


contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or Whatsapp +4930-20256790


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