Have you never played Padel before but you want to try for first time?

We have our introduction courses every:

  • Tuesday 18:30h - 30min, 5Eur
  • Saturday 11:30h - 30min, 5Eur

Contact us to book your spot!


Do you want to play Padel but you don't know anybody in Berlin?

We have our WhatsApp groups where you can find players of your level. Just contact us to make the Level Assessment and right away join your group level to play!


Do you want to take weekly lessons?

We have coaches who can train you from beginner level to high level:

  • Monday 16:30h - 60min - level 3
  • Monday 20:30h - 90min - level 2.5
  • Tuesday 19:00h - 90min - level 2.5
  • Thursday 19:30h - 90min - level 2.75
  • Saturday 10:00h - 60min - level 3
  • Saturday 12:00h - 90min - level 2
  • Also private lessons on demand


You don't have any Padel equipment?

No worries! You can rent in our club indoor and outdoor courts, rackets and balls.